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What FRAME RATE should I film in? | 24-25-30-60-120?

The choice of the right frame rate for creating digital online videos can be a tricky subject.

In this episode I share my experience in how I pick mine for each project.

We will talk about 25fps, 30fps, 50fps, 60fps, 100fps, 120fps and 240fps and why we should use one over another in different circumstances:

00:55 Why using the same frame rate for your project, editing and export/upload

01:34 Personal preferences: why using 25fps?

03:10 What are your camera’s frame rates and resolutions? 24Fps?

04:55 What's your project? Filming an interview at 25fps and 100fps

06:03 Is your editing gear powerful enough for your frame rate? Can it support 24fps?

06:30 Why using slow motion? Filming sports and Run&Gun shoots at 120fps

08:36 Using slow motion to stabilize your footage at 120fps

08:55 Choosing the frame rate for animations and transitions

09:37 Use the frame rate to balance the lighting conditions

10:48 Artificial lights: the right frame rate to avoid flickering



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