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Hi, my name is Mariano Gobbi aka Mamo Air.

I am a professional award winning Content Creator based in London, UK.

I've been working in the media industry since 2005 covering different roles and positions. My portfolio includes promo production, direction, filming, video editing, photography, sport clothing design, graphic & brand design and motion graphics.

Working with some of the most renowned companies all over the world helped me to build a very solid and versatile skill set. With my experience and my wide range of contacts in the industry, I will help your idea become a reality.

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2018 | Digital Impact Awards | Church of England

• Digital in-house team of the year.

• Gold: "Best app for #LiveLent".

• Gold: "Best use of social media with #LiveLent".


2017 | Digital Impact Awards | Church of England

• Gold: “Best use of digital by a charity, NGO or NFP”.


2017 | Promax World | Sony Pictures

• Nomination: “Best film promotion”.


2016 | Promax World | Sony Pictures

• Gold: “Marketing video / sizzle / reel / presentation - Internal use". Sony AXN Italy.


2014 | Promax Hot spots | Sony Pictures

• “Inspirational selection of the day”. Sony AXN Italy.


2013 | Promax Europe | Sony Pictures

• Nomination: “Best use of  typography in television promotion”. Sony AXN Sci-Fi Italy.  


2013 | Promax World | Sony Pictures

• Silver: “Best Theatrical Films Shown on television promotion”. Sony AXN Italy.


2012 | Promax World | Sony Pictures

• Nomination: “Something for nothing”. Sony AXN Italy.


2008 | Promax Europe | Sony Picture

• Nomination: “Red Bee Rocket Awards”. Sony AXN Italy.

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