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At the end of my studies in Advertising and Graphic Design back in 2005, I graduated in Art Direction.

Through the following years, collaborating daily with companies of the caliber of MTv, Wefew Clothing and Sony Pictures, I mastered my design skills to the finest standards.

I'm very confident in using Adobe Creative Cloud to create engaging artworks and my experience covers graphics for brand identity, clothing, websites, apps, print and animations.

Here are some samples of my content production:


WEFEW Clothing

- Logo and brand design

- Clothing design

- App design


- Brand design

Sony  Pictures

- Motion graphic


- Logo and brand design

Church of England

- Logo and brand design

- Motion graphic

- Social media graphics

Wefew Clothing

WEFEW Clothing is a label dedicated to action sports and, in particular, to parkour.

I've been collaborating with the brand since it originated in 2013, starting with conceiving and designing its logo.


LOGO DESIGN: two squirrels were chosen as the signet, to represent the fun, playfulness and vibrancy of the athletes, but also the agility and effortless movement that an athlete aspires to master through his or her training and dedication to the sport.

The squirrels also represent how freerunners adapt to the environment by creatively seeing the world from a different perspective, an angle that sees obstacles as an opportunity to design a flow of movement, just as a squirrel does with every obstacle it encounters in everyday life.

CLOTHING & GRAPHIC DESIGN: I've been engaged to design, not only the graphics for all its lines, but all the very clothes as well, including hoodies, trousers, headwear, t-shirts and wristbands.