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At the end of my studies in Advertising and Graphic Design back in 2005, I graduated in Art Direction.

Through the following years, collaborating daily with companies of the caliber of MTv, Wefew Clothing and Sony Pictures, I mastered my design skills to the finest standards.

I'm very confident in using Adobe Creative Cloud to create engaging artworks and my experience covers graphics for brand identity, clothing, websites, apps, print and animations.

Here are some samples of my content production:


WEFEW Clothing

- Logo and brand design

- Clothing design

- App design


- Brand design

Sony  Pictures

- Motion graphic


- Logo and brand design

Church of England

- Logo and brand design

- Motion graphic

- Social media graphics

Wefew Clothing

WEFEW Clothing is a label dedicated to action sports and, in particular, to parkour.

I've been collaborating with the brand since it originated in 2013, starting with conceiving and designing its logo.


LOGO DESIGN: two squirrels were chosen as the signet, to represent the fun, playfulness and vibrancy of the athletes, but also the agility and effortless movement that an athlete aspires to master through his or her training and dedication to the sport.

The squirrels also represent how freerunners adapt to the environment by creatively seeing the world from a different perspective, an angle that sees obstacles as an opportunity to design a flow of movement, just as a squirrel does with every obstacle it encounters in everyday life.

CLOTHING & GRAPHIC DESIGN: I've been engaged to design, not only the graphics for all its lines, but all the very clothes as well, including hoodies, trousers, headwear, t-shirts and wristbands.

PRINT DESIGN: I created different promotional items for the brand such as business cards, banners, flyers and display boards.

In collaboration with Wefew Clothing and Created Informed I took care of the art direction of Broko Loco, a simple but funny app game that had more than 50.000 installs on Android and iPhone.

I designed the logo, backgrounds, icons and menus and created a short animated trailer to promote it through the social media platforms.

Bacardi logo.jpg

BACARDI is the largest privately held, family-owned spirits company in the world. 

In collaboration with MTV Sunset, Bacardi wanted to produce a new seasonal set of bottles' labels for its renowned drink Breezer. This is the design I created.

Sony Pictures
Sony logo.png
Working for Sony has been giving me the chance to create engaging animated graphics, some of which placed me on the podium at the Promax Awards. 
This promo for the film "Smokin' Aces" won the Silver at the World Promax, in the category "Theatrical Films Shown On Television Promotion".


Another interesting project, nominated for "Best Use Of Typography" at the Promax Awards Europe, was a Karate Kid stunt promo, made entirely in Adobe After Effects. The purpose of the animation was to promote an evening with the first two movies of the Karate kid saga.

LOGO DESIGN: MTV Italia, in collaboration with Bacardi Breezer and Martini & Rossi, wanted to re-design its logo for the summer Festival MTV Sunset.

This was the option chosen by the company for their promotional purposes.

BRAND DESIGN: collaborating with MTV Italia gave me the chance also to work on its branding, creating on screen graphics, flyers, posters and other promotional material.