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Buongiorno, my name’s Mariano, I’ve been living in London since 2006 and I’m Italian and British. 

I've always been a positive, creative person, with a deep need to express myself, whether through performing, painting, moving, singing, writing songs, producing music or videos, I’m in a constant hunt for telling stories. 

At a young age I had a chance to take part in two musical productions, until 2006. 
In these years, I started taking private singing lessons, focusing on musicals’ songs.
I then moved to London where my passion for parkour and gymnastics sparked. Training these disciplines made me explore a huge variety of body movements, made me aware of the space and the environment around me, and gave me the opportunity to work as a stunt performer / extra in a few film projects, commercials and live events. 

In the recent years, in London, I have attended some acting, voice and musical theatre courses at ArtsEd and City Academy.
I've been keeping attending private singing classes and working as an extra and actor in commercials, TV series and films.


I will record in 4K resolution with proper lighting and microphones. I have all the gear needed for good quality images and sound.

I own a Sony FX3 camera with many lenses, different lapel and directional mics and lights



Passport: Yes

Driver's License: Yes



Mariano Gobbi | Performing REEL

This is my performing arts showreel where you will find:
00:07 Singing
01:15 Acting / extras work
03:39 Stunt work
04:29 Voice overs
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