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In 2013 I launch my label WeFew.
WeFew is a clothing company that, inspired by parkour and an extreme / action sports heritage, creates apparel for free spirited individuals that are passionate about the outdoors lifestyle.


Our clothing is designed by active athletes, and we use this experience to produce garments with the requirements of athletes in mind, which are essentially practicality and convenience, while also promoting the action sports lifestyle through a stylish urban based design.


We believe WeFew is a way of creative and positive thinking, a culture that represents the fun, enjoyment and freedom of life. In that respect, our aim is not only to create a clothing brand, but to provide a foundation upon which the action sports lifestyle can be built and promoted for the community.


In short, we aim to represent the lifestyle, through style.

WEFEW - Lifestyle | Company Introduction 

This is Wefew Clothing Company Introduction video, explaining who they are and what they do.
Check their products at


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