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Through the years I've been working on a huge variety of videos, including travel, corporate, sports, live events, brands and lifestyle.

I'm well trained in capturing the excitement of a moment in time.

I own a UK Drone License for Commercial Use and with my experience also in video editing and motion graphic, I'll be able to deliver a finished, professional product that will inspire, engage and inform.

Broadcast production values are now within the reach of even the most modest budget. I believe that my expertise in storytelling, making complex ideas simple, and my vast experience of video production and management will give you the edge in an increasingly competitive environment.

When you commission me to produce your video, you have my undivided attention.

As a full-service video agency, I handle the entire production process:

- I work with you on the creative execution, weighing your ideas and objectives with your budget to create the most         effective means of communication

- I storyboard and script with full consultation and approval at each key milestone of the project
- I provide full crew and equipment, from cinematographers to camera kit, when needed
- I cast talents and voiceover artists
- I arrange locations
- I produce graphics and animations to reinforce key points and bring ideas to life
- I produce, direct, shoot and deliver your finished product.


Do you have a video idea? Get in touch.

Mariano Gobbi | Filming REEL 2019
This is my cinematography / filming reel 2019 with some of the projects I worked on in the past few years. Works include Sony Pictures, G-Adventures, Church of England, Wefew Clothing, Hillsong, Nass Festival and Live Nation. If you are looking for a content producer, I'm available for collaborations worldwide.
Joker 2019 Promo
Thisis a sample promo we filmed about Kojer 2019
Barbara Monte – Je Viens D’Ailleurs (Official Music Video)

I directed, filmed and edited this music video for the track "Je viens d'ailleurs" by the Italian music artist Barbara Monte.


Kansley & Lidert | Musical Theatre Composers Promo

Are you a Musical Theatre's lover? Then you should follow Kurt & Oliver, two super talented composers living in London. I have had the pleasure to work with them on their new project "Confessions". Come and watch it in the West End in June 2019.

WeFew Clothing | Jam Skating with The Red Dread House Head

Today we meet Frankie J. AKA The Red Dread House Head, professional dancer from the U.K..
Let's dive in the jam skating culture!

Yolene: wedding dresses atelier | Promo

Promo video I filmed and edited in Villa Varignana, Italy for the brand Yolene, wedding dresses producer. All filmed on Blackmagic Pocket Cinema camera 4K


Swipe It with Joe Tasker Season 2 Episode 1 ⭐️ @POPFUNTV ​

I have filmed, created graphics and edited a full series called 'Swipe it" for PoP TV UK.

A day at Campzero | At the SUMMIT of the Italian Alps

This is a cinematic promo of my collaboration with Campzero (, a 5 Stars Active Luxury resort in Champoluc, in the Italian Alps.


G-Adventures - Vietnam Tour Promo
Promo filmed and edited for G-Adventures hike, bike and kayak tour in Vietnam.


GAST | Sunglasses fashion promo | Ale Day
Fashion lifestyle video commercial shot fo the sunlglasses company GAST, in Italy.


Follow The Flow: yoga & macrame | Lifestyle video

Video I filmed for Follow The Flow, run by Carolina Gandini in Italy. A lifestyle based on yoga and macrame.

Wefew Clothing | Tokyo | Promo


Promo I filmed for the Wefew Clothing "We Band of Brothers & Sisters" and "Like Water We Flow" collections.

Shot in Tokyo, Japan.

Featured athlete: Masaru Sakakibara

Direction and camera 1: Mariano Gobbi AKA Mamo Air
Camera 2: Duncan Buckley
Camera 3: Aaron Delaney-Christensen


Wefew Clothing | We Band of Brothers & Sisters, Volunteering in Africa | Documentary
In 2016 I traveled to Zambia, Africa, with the No Profit Organisations S.M.I.L.E. from Italy to shoot a mini documentary about the humanitarian Mission Da Gama Home, in Luanshya.
Wefew Clothing - Productions | Nuts | Short film

This is an action video for Wefew Clothing. WWW.WEFEW.NET, filmed in Athens, Greece.

I personally took care of all the aspects of this project, from conceiving the idea, to storyboarding, producing, directing, filming and editing.



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