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EXPORT a video in Premiere Pro 2020 | IN DEPTH TUTORIAL

This is an "in depth" tutorial explaining how to export a video from Adobe Premiere Pro 2020 for youtube, instagram but also for professional deliveries in television and broadcast. I cover in more depth different types of renders in more technical details.

For a quicker tutorial for youtube videos only, please watch the shorter video at the link here:

01:10 How to create an IN and OUT mark on your sequence in Premiere Pro

02:06 How to export a video in .MP4 Premiere Pro 2020

09:13 What's bitrate in Premiere Pro? How to set CBR and VBR

16:25 How to export a video with captions, subtitles in Premiere Pro 2020

16:57 How to use Adobe Media Encoder to export video from Premiere Pro 1

8:08 How to export apple Pro Res HQ files from Premiere Pro for broadcast



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