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Improve your video editing skills as you build a Youtube graphic package for your videos in Adobe Premiere Pro 2020
Create a Youtube GRAPHIC PACKAGE in Adobe Premiere Pro 2020 | Intermediate/Advanced

By clicking the button you'll be directed to the member's section of my website to pay for the course and enter it.

The course will be taught through private videos stored on youtube.

This course includes:

  • 4.5 hours on-demand video

  • 6 sections over 20 lectures

  • Full lifetime access

  • Access on mobile and TV

  • 7-Day Money-Back Guarantee

  • For Mac & Windows users

What you'll learn:
  • How to build an animated graphic package for your professional videos, youtube and social media.

  • How to use the Essential Graphics of Adobe Premiere Pro.

  • How to draw and animate custom shapes.

  • How to use masks

  • How to save your graphics as presets

  • Where to get social media brand resources, including logos and guidelines to use these assets following each company’s rules.

  • How to create animated openers, transitions, lower-third graphics, subscribe buttons, endboards.

  • Some useful keyboard shortcuts.

  • You'll get professional video editing and graphic design tips.


Do you need a graphic package for your videos? Do you want to learn how to create animated transitions, openers, subscribe buttons and end-boards for your youtube channel?

Whether for professional work or your vlogs, you can now do so yourself with this course by using the Essential Graphics of Adobe Premiere Pro 2021.


You could, of course, buy a pre-made graphic package for your videos but joining this course is definitely a better investment for your future because, not only you’ll get the graphic package, but you’ll also learn how to build it yourself, and with some creativity and practice your graphic-work will be endless.

If you do video editing, making animated graphics in Premiere Pro will also benefit your workflow and will allow you to use a single software for either these aspects of content production.

And of course, we’ll cover the some useful keyboard shortcuts.


We’ll work together on a different animated graphic asset in each section and this will give you the ability to get familiar with animations, graphic design in general and keyframes.


These graphic items will be completely customisable allowing you to change the duration of the animations, colours, fonts, sizes, adding your own logo and make it yours!

Together we’ll build:

- 1 opener

- 1 lower-third graphic

- 3 transitions

- 1 subscribe button

- 1 endboard

You’ll also get sound effects, included in the course, to bring those animations to life.

Finally you’ll be asked to customise your graphic package and share one of your latest videos or vlogs.


Once you'll have completed the course, you'll be familiar with the Essential Graphics of Adobe Premiere Pro and you’ll be able to create animated graphics on your own.

You’ll also have understood:

- how and when to use animated graphics

- how to draw custom shapes

- how to animate shapes with keyframes

- how to use masks

- how to save your graphic as presets

- how to dress the animations with sound effects

- how to export the graphics with audio

- how to use the responsive design mode of Essential Graphics Panel

- where to get social media brand resources, including logos and guidelines to use these assets following each company’s rules.

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