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Since 2008 I have been working as a Promo Producer for different international television channels. Through the years this role gave me the chance to win multiple Promax Awards.

This experience built my confidence in all the aspects of the promo productions, such as:

- developing creative ideas and writing briefs for 360 campaigns, brand and Tv series campaigns
- finding innovative concepts and ideas to promote and re-package movies and shows
- writing scripts in Italian and English
- directing Italian and English voice over artists
- shooting projects, from conception through to the final end-product including writing briefs, storyboarding, organising and directing on location
- dealing and working with external agencies
- co-operating with the marketing department for sponsorships and special cross-promotions
- working in a team and managing other producers and freelancers’ workload.


Do you need a promo? Get in touch.

AXN Italy - Rebrand - Idents 

Idents conceived for the rebrand of the action oriented Sony channel AXN.


promo campaigns

AXN Italy - Black Sails- Series - Promo Campaigns


Here are the full promotion campaigns conceived for the Tv series Black Sails, aired on AXN Italy.


Motion Graphic

AXN SCI-FI - Animal assassins


This is the promo I worked on for a series of films with big, evil animals!! 
Working for the Sony channel AXN Sci-FI Italy.


AXN Sci-Fi - Christmas Friday Stunt

Our aim for this project was to promote our Fridays prime time cinema slot for the month of December. 

The challenge was to link 4 different films with a consistent graphic design and a common theme, also hiding the dated footage of the movies.

The graphic approach was to reproduce a 8-bit videogame styled promo from the '80s, being the films themselves dated these years, but still using an original and channel branded graphic.

AXN Italy - Karate Kid 1 and 2 - Promo Stunt

This is my Graphic Project for Karate Kid 1-2 stunt promo, for the Sony Channel AXN.
Entirely realised in After effects. 

Nominated at the Promax Europe Awards 2013 in the category "Best use of typography in television promotion” .

on set
AXN Italy - Torta di Riso S10- Series Promo

Torta di Riso was one of the key shows on AXN Italy.

It is a own-produced clip based satire format, with two talented comedians commenting on hidden camera/practical jokes videos.

The title of the show in Italian is a pun. Here is an attempted translation:

TORTA: “cake”, RISO: “rice”, but also “laughter”, so it literally means LAUGHTER CAKE.

The graphics and packaging of the show revolve around the image of a CAKE and of culinary ingredients and kitchen tools.

Our aim is to create a promo that initially looks like a food advert but, after a very simple gag, turns into a call to action for our show.

AXN Italy - Smokin Aces -  Film Promo

Promo I created for the film "Smokin Aces". Winner of  the Silver Award for “Best Theatrical Films Shown on television promotion” at the Promax World 2013.


AXN Italy - The Incredible Hulk -  Film Promo

Trailer I edited for the movie "The Incredible Hulk".

Working as Promo Producer for Sony AXN Italy.


AXN Sci-Fi Italy - Being Human S4 -  Tv Series

This is the promo I edited for the series "Being Human, Season 4". Working for the Sony channel AXN Sci-FI Italy.



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