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Improve the quality of your videos with this tutorial and EXERCISE with 4K footage provided.
Learn to EDIT a video in PREMIERE PRO 2020 in 1 hour |
All levels

This course includes:

  • 1 hour on-demand video

  • 1 downloadable resource

  • Full lifetime access

  • Access on mobile and TV

  • 30 Day Money-Back guarantee

What you'll learn:
  • How to edit videos in Adobe Premiere Pro from creating a project to export the final product.

  • How to open the software Premiere Pro

  • How to create a new Project

  • Tabs and Workspaces

  • How to import files

  • How to organise your folders

  • How to create a new sequence in the timeline

  • How to find information about your footage (frame rate, aspect ratio and resolution)

  • Editing in Premiere Pro

  • How to trim/cut a clip

  • How to save your project

  • How to add music

  • How to change the volume of audio

  • How to fade out audio

  • How to scale a clip

  • How to speed up, slow down or reverse clip

  • How to add a transition to a video

  • How to add sound effects

  • How to Mix Audio

  • How to create a title

  • How to apply a Color Grade with adjustment layers

  • Add a vignette to your video

  • How to export videos for youtube


This is a 1 hour Adobe Premiere Pro 2020 tutorial, and exercise for beginner / intermediate students (with 4K footage provided), where we can practice together the whole video editing process for you to create a video from start to end.

PS: this in not a in-depth course; we will only overview some sections of the interface. But, if you follow along, you will be able to create your own video at the end of it. You will need some basics of Adobe Premiere and of film making, like what is a frame rate and resolution.

You will learn commands shortcuts and professional tips to speed up the workflow and avoid mistakes.
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