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How to EDIT FAST with 10 QUICK shortcuts in PREMIERE PRO

Keyboard shortcuts in Premiere Pro will allow you to save a lot of video editing time. In this video I'll share 10 professional tips to enhance and speed up your editing skills:

00:50 W & Q: Trim the clip of a specific track and snap the following or previous clips to it without leaving any gap.

04:12 SHIFT C: trim the clips on all the tracks on a specific timecode.

05:07 B: this is the RIPPLE EDIT TOOL. With this tool you can change the duration of a clip by dragging the beginning or end of that clip and moving at the same time all the footage before or after that clip.

06:46 A: SELECT ALL. By pressing "A" you can select the "Select all" option which allows you to select all the footage before or after a specific timecode.

08:14 SHIFT D: apply a DEFAULT TRANSITION. By pressing SHIFT D you can add directly a default transition to your clips.

09:10 CMD DRAG: with this shortcut you an insert a clip in between other clip/s and move the following clips at the same time.

10:11 ALT SCROLL: by holding ALT on the timeline and scrolling the wheel of your mouse, you can zoom in or zoom out inside the timeline.

10:41 SHIFT +/- increases or decreases the height of all the tracks on the timeline at the same time of the same amount.

11:18 \: BACKWARD SLASH. If you press "\" on the timeline you'll be able to see all the footage which is on the timeline.

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