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Godox WMicS1 Kit2 | Wireless Microphone System | Review & Tests

In this video I'll review and test the WMicS1 Kit2, a dual wireless microphone system by Godox.

This kit is similar to the Saramonic Blink500 Pro, RODE wireless GO II and Sennheiser ew100.

A good microphone for vlogging, reviews, possibly documentaries, and consumer friendly.

Is this the lapel mic you need?

GET the Godox WMicS1 here:

- Kit 1 (€179)

- Kit 2 (€250)

- Get Amazon Basics AAA batteries:

This budget wireless microphone system features a dual channel receiver and you can buy it in a kit with two transmitters. You can also add a handheld wireless interview microphone later. What differentiates this from the slew of other dual channel consumer wireless systems is that the Godox WMicS1 transmits over a Wideband range of frequencies (514 -596MHz). This frequency can, in theory, transmit through barriers more readily than the 2.4GHz used by most other consumer wireless systems. And perhaps more importantly, you can tune each transmitter to one of 96 channels. You cannot do that with the 2.4GHz consumer wireless systems. Let’s have a look at how it works in real-world conditions!

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