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In this episode I explain what a frame is and the different frame rates.

These are some of the basics of film making and video editing.

With the help of Premiere Pro, we will talk about:

00:40 What is a video

00:45 What is a frame

01:05 What's frame rate

01:07 What is fps (Frames per second)

01:18 Filming at 1 frame per second (1 fps)

01:50 Filming at 8 fps

02:12 Filming at 12 fps

03:00 Filming at 24 fps

03:50 What is the 25fps (meaning of PAL system)

04:08 What is the 30fps (meaning of NTSC system)

04:30 What is a speed camera (1000fps)

04:55 Filming at 120 fps (Slow motion)

05:35 What is slow motion

06:00 What is a time lapse

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