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Adobe Lightroom LUT Presets - ADVENTURE MOODY

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ADVENTURE MOODY captures the essence of an intrepid adventurous spirit. The unique combination of moody vibes plus edgy adventure are sure to captivate the attention  of your audience. If you love exploring uncharted territories where there roads are not clearly marked, or bravely paving your own path, this is preset for you. The high contrast and low exposure give this preset that moody vibes. It also has that low shadow effect that really enhances significant details.

ADVENTURE MOODY preset is the best preset for adventure in the mountains, waterfalls, lake, road, forest, woods, and etc. It is also ideal for sunset or sunrise photos, coffee shop photoshoots, photographers, and more.

General Color Tone: Dark/Moody Tone, Cool Tone


✓ Mobile and Desktop versions
✓ Step-by-Step Tutorial for Installation

For Mobile Preset:
✓ 10 Adventure Moody Lightroom Presets (.DNG) for the FREE Lightroom Mobile CC App

For Desktop Preset:
✓ 10 Adventure Moody Lightroom Presets ( .XMP) for LR Desktop

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