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Graduating in Art Direction and collaborating daily with companies of the caliber of Sony Pictures, I mastered my graphic design skills to the finest standards.

I'm very confident in creating engaging 2D motion graphics using Adobe After Effects.

Here are some samples of my work:

Do you have an idea for a mobile app? Do you know you have a programmer but you are missing a graphic designer? You have the right person right here.

In collaboration with Created Informed I designed a simple but funny app game that you can download for your Android or iPhone, and you can now play also on your desktop or laptop


Broko Loco likes nothing more than running, jumping and flipping through the London skyline!​

Watch the trailer here and download your free App.

WEFEW & Created Informed Present: Broko Loco Game

Official promo for Broko Loco game, by Created Informed.

In collaboration with Wefew Clothing

and Broken Men Parkour Team.

Download now from Google Play.

Play it on facebook.

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